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How To Hire From Redlands

Before we can deliver the hire equipment to your job site there are is a bit of paperwork we require to keep you and us safe, the paperwork must be completed before transport is booked and the hire equipment is on its way,  we only need to do the paperwork once and will keep your information under GDPR for 12 months from your last hire, 

Order of business 

The following items must be completed and emailed to in order for us to do business. If you need any assistance with the following items please call us on 07834 551 357

Email Check Lits 


  • Plant Equipment required 

  • Billing Address

  • Site Address

  • Start Date

  • ID Check 

  • Proof of Address 

  • Insurance Document 

how to hire our construction equipment

ID Check 

Using your UK driving licence go to and generata a check code, then email us the check code along with a picture of the ID used.

Proof of Address

Customers must provide proof of address. This can be in the form of a utility bill, bank statement, or government-issued photo ID. Acceptable documents must include the customer's full name and current residential address. Any document that does not meet these criteria will not be accepted.


(an invoice is not proof of address)

Model Hire Conditions 

As a member of the CPA we hire our equipment under the 2024 Model conditions with a some amendments you will be emailed a copy for your records but you can also download them here.

Proof of insurance 

Proof of insurance must be provided for any plant hire in order to ensure that the plant and any related activities are covered by a suitable insurance policy. This insurance must cover hired in Plant with a minimum of 125% of the value of all equipment on hire and any other relevant risks associated with the hire of the plant. The insurance policy must remain in force for the duration of the hire and must be provided in the form of a valid insurance certificate. All insurance certificates must be clearly marked with the name of the hirer and must be provided prior to the commencement of the hire. Failure to provide valid proof of insurance may result in the hire being refused.

We do not provide plant hire insurance but we recommend JCB Plant Insurance 

Your Hire Partner in Every Project

email or call to talk about your plant hire needs

 07834 551 357

Open 6 days a Week

Fast Frendly Service 

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